Mission Statement: Bridge the gap between the Deaf/HoH/DeafBlind and Hearing Worlds.

  • Core values:
    • Provide professional, friendly interpreters to ensure everyone can have access to effective communication.  
    • Matching you with the right Interpreter:
      • An interpreter possessing the proper certifications to practice under the Sign Language Interpreters Act
      • SLED. OIG, SAM Clearance required for all interpreters, HIPAA certification when working in any medical facility
      • Interpreters meet 1:1 with our Deaf consultant to assess skills, knowledge, and general attitude before being sent to appointments
      • All interpreters must be engaged in continuing education & those not yet certified must be actively working toward national certification
    • Every request gets individualized attention to find the best interpreter for your venue & locale, but most importantly for your patient/client/ guest. ASL user’s preference is paramount, and we strive to provide the preferred interpreter when requested.

Serving all of South Carolina, North/Eastern Georgia & Southern North Carolina.